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HES Development Situation

 Turkey’s Hydraulic Energy Potential and Development Situation

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Turkey’s Hydraulic Energy Potential and Development Situation ( TÜRKİYE'NİN HİDROLİK ENERJİ  POTANSİYELİ VE GELİŞME DURUMU)

World’s energy sources divided into two fossils and not fossils. Fossil resources is consist of %75 coal, %14 oil, %10 natural gas. Hydraulic resources is the largest resource in the not fosil resources and the other resources are sun, gethermal, shale. Our country has almost all types conventional energy resources. Besides, when we compare with world’s resources, it is clear that the quality and the amount is deficient. However , our country has rich hydraulic, geothermal and solar resources which are renewable energy resources. Since 1963, our country has been in planned development period and the electric energy targets and politics have been determined for five year periods.

In the first (1963-1967) and second (1968-1972) five year development plans, local resources are planned to be used for minimizing the costs, and water resources was chosen as the first option. But in the second five year development plan hydraulic energy targets could not be reached because of the construction periods delay, so facilities  were handled by foreign sources .After this, 3, 4, 5 and 6. development plans had predicted local resources to be used and at the end of 3. Development plan hydraulic energy installed power increased to 1873MW from 985 MW, which is %40 of the total capacity. Oil market movements, oil barrel prices raised to 12-13 USD which is the four times of the old prices, had affected countries energy politics also affected Turkey, people understood that the energy resources is limited and when the  resources begin to decrease the prices will increase. This situation’s affect on the countries economies, energy reliability became very important and countries understood that, it is very important to diversify the energy resources. Hydraulic energy has become important as it is renewable energy and it does not pollute environment, its operation and maintenance costs are low and it uses the local resources.            




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