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What is Hydro Power

      What is Hydro Power ?


Hydraulic word, a word in greek language, is consist of two words “water” and “pipe, conduit” and also the name of a discipline analyzing water flow. French scientist Blaise Pascal and Swiss scientist Daniel Bernoulli found the basic hydraulic laws. Hydraulic scientists are working on the water behaviours in the rivers, pipes, conduits, pumps and turbines. For this reason, hydrulic laws are very important in channel, harbour, shipyard, dam and weir design. Mankind, had benefitted from the water flowing in the rivers or conduits  to flood the fields. Flood, the same aged as agriculture is still very important nowadays. In the past, water flooding from the low reservoirs are collected behind a dam or the river waters are pumped to the channels going to the fields. Nowadays, the dams located on the rivers are collecting the water, and the water is pumped to the channels covering the area.



The easiest way of energy production is, to locate water wheel on the river. To turn the millstone for powdering the wheat seeds, water wheels had been used for hundreds of years. This type of water wheels can also be seen also nowadays in some regions. To produce energy from water, water is collected behind a high dam and is carried with pipes to the powerhouse. Water turns the turbines and turbines turns the generators. This type facilities, turns the water potential energy to Electric energy (kinetic energy) called hydroelectric power stations.



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